MRS recently acquired Vantage and is servicing accounts that were previously serviced by Vantage. You will now be redirected to the MRS website.
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We can give you much more than other companies do because our services are aimed at satisfying your needs.

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Looking for ways to lower costs, provide consistent quality service, and even out call volumes, all while minimizing risks associated with natural disasters? Vantage Sourcing is YOUR answer!

Seeking inbound and outbound receivables management at all stages of the consumer and business lifecycle  in either a first or third party capacity? Vantage Sourcing is YOUR answer!

Vantage Sourcing can provide YOU with high-quality, customized technological solutions that focus on YOUR individual and business needs and future ambitions.

Vantage Sourcing works with you to identify key processes and develops a mutually agreed upon action plan designed to minimize your costs and improve your profits.

Vantage Sourcing implements your action plan, ensuring checkpoints are met and adjustments made where appropriate.

Vantage Sourcing provides complete reporting to assist in determining your success!

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